For me, reflexology is the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had. The sensation of floating is lovely. Reflexology can take the mind and body to a different place. Fascinating how working on foot caused other parts of body to react. Try it!
M. Cooke
From the moment you meet Christina you feel comfortable and at ease. After establishing the areas that you want her to work on, all you need to do is relax and the hard work is done by Christina. You feel reassured that whatever your condition is, that it’s being worked on by very capable hands. Christina’s caring nature makes her a fantastic choice of Reflexologist as not only is her work excellent but you are also made to feel special with every treatment. I can’t recommend her enough.
K. Workman
I had a headache when I arrived for my first treatment, which dissipated after fifteen minutes leaving me feeling clear-headed. She has strength in her hands, but is careful not to cause real pain. The other thing Christina has in her hands is healing.
E. Sullivan
Setting aside some quiet time just for me was my initial purpose in requesting some treatments from Christina. However, it turned into much more than that. My time with Christina was therapeutic and informative – all together a lovely experience.
M. Hancock
I have been Christina’s patient for over a year now and have seen a vast improvement. I went to her for a few reasons. The main two were that I was left with a damaged back after a skiing accident, which left me with an inflamed disk. I was in a lot of pain and could never get comfortable. The other problem was that I was diagnosed with Acute Optical Neuritis (an inflammation of the nerves surrounding the eye). I feel a completely different person and both these and the other minor ailments have practically disappeared since seeing Christina. I am now able to enjoy a going to the cinema without shifting in my seat constantly and the pain in my eye is so irregular I hardly notice it any more. I see Christina once a month now as part of my maintenance. Thank you Christina you have changed my life!
C. Warr