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Welcome to ‘Reflexology Surrey and Kent’. Christina Walker is a fully qualified and registered Reflexologist, practicing Reflexology in areas of Surrey and Kent. Christina has helped many satisified people to feel great physically and emotionally, resulting in an improvement in the quality of their lives. Christina is based at ‘Body Tonic’, a private healthcare clinic in Ashtead; Surrey, as well as visiting people in their homes and work place.

Reflexology is a natural, safe therapy. It aims to treat the person as a whole and not just the symptoms they are experiencing.

Having Reflexology can help to encourage the body’s own self healing mechanism, promote relaxation and restore homeostasis – the delicate balance your system needs to achieve optimum health. The technique of Reflexology is to use special thumb walking movements and knuckling (with fingers and thumbs) on specific reflex points on the feet. Effleurage (a form of massage) is also applied to promote lymphatic drainage and improve circulation. The result of using all these techniques means the treatment is incredibly relaxing, helping to calm the body and mind.

Christina Walker is one of Surrey’s leading Reflexologists in Surrey and Kent in the South East of England. Christina is a fully qualified and registered Reflexologist. She is a member of the AoR (Association of Reflexologists) and on the CNHC (complimentary and Natural Healthcare council) register. Christina has had great results helping many people gain relief from their condition, whether physical or mental and helping them achieve a fantastic sense of wellbeing. Reflexology is a relaxing, non-invasive therapy encouraging a calm mind and healing the body. You will be overwhelmed what a difference having regular reflexology treatments in Surrey can do for you. Christina offers treatments at home or at your workplace or office within Surrey and Kent.

Christina Walker